A big THANK YOU to all these companies who supported us throughout the 2017/18 school year! These companies have partnered with us in our fundraising efforts, and donated to our raffles.

Fundraising Information

The preschool is a unique program which aims to provide an enriching play environment for young preschoolers (3 to 4 years old) with the additional benefit of the French language being introduced in a fun and stimulating way.

Tuition fees do not cover the cost of running the preschool. Fundraising is a vital part of our budget and a requirement to be eligible for government grants.

The Board of Directors organize a minimum of 2-3 fundraising events throughout the year, where parents can take advantage of the support of local businesses to raise funds.

Here are two examples how different families may choose to fulfill their fundraising quota:

If you have any questions or wish to order any of these items, please e-mail: fundraising@bflp.org. 

2017-2018 Fundraising Activities

At the beginning of every school year, a team of parent volunteers take on the role of the fundraising team to plan activities, and track each family’s progress. Listed are the activities planned for the 2017/18 year.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions, and may add more fundraising initiatives if we feel they are aligned with our school's culture. Parents will be updated accordingly should there be any updates. Each class is assigned a parent fundraising representative (details in the BFLP Fundraising Parent Handbook) who you will be able to go directly too for any questions or concerns. Or, you may contact your Director of Fundraising.

Lovable Labels
  1. Parents visit website www.bflp.lovablelabels.ca
  2. Select item to order
  3. Customize language, font, text
  4. Select quantity and add to cart
  5. Enter billing information
  6. Select shipping method
  7. Select payment type
  8. Review order is correct
  9. Enter comments if applicable
  10. Enter BFLP in the section “If you are supporting a Fundraiser,
    please enter the name and city here”
  11. Click on “place order” and you will receive your Lovable Labels
    within 10 business days
  12. Email Genie, your Fundraising Director, your purchase information
    to assure you get credit for your fundraising efforts
  13. Parents please share this fundraiser with all your family and
  14. If family and friends do place an order please ask them for their
    purchase information and email to Genie
  15. For yours, and your family and friends purchases, indicate your
    childs first and last name, class, and pre-tax amount
  16. 20% of pre-tax sales will go towards your fundraising requirement 

It is very important to check the top of the webpage to make sure you are in the Burnaby French Language Preschool page. Otherwise your purchase will not get credited towards BFLP fundraising.

Pizza Night with Me & Ed’s
  1.  Last Wednesday of each month is BFLP fundraising night
  2. Works on dine in, take out, delivery
  3. Anyone placing orders must mention they are with BFLP
  4. 15% of all pretax sales under BFLP, excluding alcohol, will go towards the school
  5. Keep your receipts and give to Genie or you may send an email to get credit towards your fundraising efforts
  6. Please share BFLP Pizza Night with friends and family
  7. Collect friends and family receipts and forward to Genie
  8. Remember to indicate your child's name and class

7110 Hall Ave. Burnaby, BC

Paper Rolls
  1. A stock pile of donated paper rolls are located in the school
  2. Sign out however many rolls you would like to sell
  3. Price is $2 each (price may change depending on the size of paper)
  4. Put money in the provided envelope
  5. Write your child's name, date, amount and class on the envelope and drop in the locked box
  6. 100% of paper sales go towards your fundraising balance
  1. A stock pile of French language CD's are located in the school
  2. Sign out however many CD's you would like to sell
  3. Sell for $12 each
  4. Put money in the provided envelope
  5. Write your child's name, date, amount and class on the envelope and drop in the locked box
  6. 25% ($3) of CD sales go towards your fundraising balance
Progressive Fundraising Inc. Gift Card Program
  1. Orders will be placed every 2 weeks (every other Monday)
  2. Each family takes an order form and indicates how many of each gift cards they want
  3. Order forms are available in the classroom in the fundraising directors mail slot, OR you may download a copy here
    4. Return your order form to Genie with a cheque for the face value of the gift cards
    5. Please submit your order no later than the end of Mondays afternoon class
    6. Genie will submit your order
    7. Orders will available for pick up in 4-5 days
    8. As a reminder, these gift cards are primarily for the purpose of families to do their weekly shopping, and secondly to be given out as gifts
    9. Percentage credited to fundraising balance is based on which gift cards are ordered

Click here for more information on our gift card program

Purdy's Chocolates
  1. Go to https://www.purdysgpp.com/801 to go directly to the BFLP Purdy’s link
    1. You can type in the link, or;
    2. Go directly to the link through www.BFLP.org under the Fundraising tab and click on Purdy’s, or;
    3. Click on the direct link in the email sent to you from Purdy’s
  2. Either create a new account under your own personal name which will be directly linked to BFLP, or;
  3. Login with your existing Purdy’s account which will be linked to BFLP ***Please note that if you have created an account with Purdy’s in the past for a different fundraiser you are still able to use your exiting account. BFLP will be added on as another one of the fundraisers that you participate in***
  4. Purchase and pay for your orders
  5. Click on “SEND INVITES”
  6. Enter the email addresses of friends and family.
  7. An invitation will be sent to them, from you, to click on a Purdy’s link for purchase
  8. In the email invites you will see your own personal link to Purdy’s and BFLP
  9. Purchases using this link will be associated with you and will go towards your fundraising efforts
  • TIP #1: you can click on “e-mail reminders” and you can send invite reminders as well as order reminders to your family and friends
  • TIP #2: share your link on social media to help increase awareness of your fundraiser
  • TIP #3: be sure to enjoy all your delicious chocolates!
Entertainment Books
  1. Pick up the entertainment book/packages in the classroom or ask your fundraising class volunteers
  2. Fill out the entertainment book sign out sheet
  3. Sell and collect cash or cheque payments
  4. Submit your order and payments to the fundraising team or drop in the locked box (I highly suggest you hand the orders and payments directly to your class fundraising volunteer)
  5. Make sure cheques are payable to Burnaby French Language Preschool
  6. If someone wants to pay with their credit card, please go to entertainment.com/paynow
  7. Follow the steps
  8. To sell your books to out-of town family and friends visit Fundraising.entertainment.com to set up your SELLERS PAGE
  9. Click on Seller-Join a Fundraiser
  10. Enter ID #890930
  11. Click on BFLP-join
  12. Follow instructions to complete setting up your page
  13. When you are finished selling your books please complete the sign out sheet and return any unsold books to the fundraising team
  14. $8 of each book you sell will go towards your fundraising effort

Click here for more information


Picnicology is a local (Richmond) company that partners with The Pasta Shoppe (based out of Nashville) which is a "boutique" pasta manufacturer offering fun shaped and specialty pastas. Their products are made with all natural ingredients and even offer a gluten free quinoa pasta. Upto 40% will go back to the school!

Here is what you need to do to order your delicious pasta:

  1. Go to www.Picnicology.com and click on the customer icon in the top right of the page
  2. Log in or create a new account 
  3. Once logged in, select "view addresses"
  4. Enter your first and last name, organization "Burnaby French Language Preschool", your child's name and class 
  5. Save, then you are ready to start ordering
  6. At checkout, enter "BFLP2018" under discount code.
  7. All orders will be shipped together and will be available for pick up at the school
  8. Last day to place your order is March 9
  9. Any questions about your individual accounts can be addressed to Scott at info@picnicology.com.

If you want to learn more about Picnicology you can visit their website or see them in person in March at the Healthy Family Expo at the Convention Centre http://healthyfamilyexpo.com/.

Krasicki & Ward Emergency Preparedness Survival Kits
  1. Complete Order Form with quantity of requested Survival Kit
  2. Pay retail price
  3. Calculate taxes
  4. Submit payment (subtotal + tax) of either cash or cheque payable to BFLP
  5. Submit your order before February 28, 2018
Spring Raffle
  1. Families are given letters and encouraged to go out to local businesses and ask for donations to the school
  2. Raffle tickets will be sold and prizes will be won 
  3. The deadline to have your donations in to the Fundraising Committee is April 1
Two Rivers Meat Company
  1. Follow this link: https://tworiversmeats.ca/fundraiser/bflp-meats-fundraiser/
  2. Complete order form and payment
  3. Click Submit
  4. Orders will be ready for pick up by April 2
Photos Mini Session
  1. Sign up for a day and time on the provided sign up sheet in the school
  2. To reserve your time, you must submit a $10 deposit
  3. When you show up for your selected time, you must submit the remaining balance of $30 (total cost is $40)
  4. $20 will go towards your fundraising efforts
  5. Photos are restricted to BFLP families only
  6. Spots are limited to sign up fast
  7. You may bring props if you wish
Frozen Cookie Dough and Pie
  1. Download order form here
  2. Complete order form and submit in the locked box at the school with payment before April 24
  3. Arrange for pick up after May 7

Important notes:

  1. Pickup needs to be ON May 7th. The orders will be picked up frozen, and there is simply not freezer space to store them. You will be contacted after the order deadline to arrange a pickup time. It will probably be at the school at the end of the morning class and beginning of the afternoon class. 3 year old parents will need to come and pick orders up at that time
  2. Payment can be by cash or cheque to BFLP.
  3. Allergy alert - all products are prepared in a facility that handles peanuts and tree nuts. Nothing can be declared nut free. On the order form it mentioned macadamia chocolate cookies being $12 per bag. That should read macadamia milk - as on the applicable column.

 Offline copies of the details and files related to the 2017-2018 Fundraising Activities can be downloaded via these links: