Why should I enroll my child with BFLP? What sets you apart from other preschools?

We are the first French Immersion preschool in Burnaby, founded by parents over 35 years ago. The Burnaby French Language Preschool recognizes the immense value of learning through play, and its role in fostering a young child’s development. The school offers a play-based curriculum, which allows children to develop their self-confidence while becoming familiar with the French Language. The class size is small (15 students to 2 teachers). Both French teachers are highly qualified, experienced and ECE licensed. We are a non-profit organizations and parents participate in operating the preschool.

What methodology does the BFLP preschool follow?

BFLP’s approach is two-fold:

  • BFLP promotes the learning of basic French vocabulary through:
      • Paul et Suzanne interactive French learning program (a recognized model of francization used in early childhood education French schools and immersion programs)
      • story telling,
      • singing songs, and
      • puppetry.
  • BFLP promotes the development of social skills through:
      • creative free play,
      • arts, crafts, games,
      • music and movement,
      • sand and water play,
      • outdoor physical activity, and
      • field trips.
Can I see the classroom?

Yes. During the school year, please phone the teachers at (604) 432-1323 to arrange the best time to stop by. You may wish to arrange a visit during Circle Time to see some of the activities done in French. During the summer holidays, please contact us via email at

Can my tuition be subsidized?

Yes, if you are eligible. BFLP is a licensed preschool and qualifies for Ministry of Children and Family Development’s child care subsidies. To see if your family qualifies, and to apply for the subsidy, follow the directions on the Ministry’s website: Financial Assistance for Child Care. Once you determine your eligibility and fill out your forms (available online too), please contact for further info before mailing the forms.

Can I enroll/waitlist my 1-year old child with BFLP?

No. For 3-year-old classes, BFLP does accept preregistrations for a waitlist up to one year in advance. It is best to attend a February Open House to pre-register. Priority for 4-year-old-classes is given to preregistrations of current students graduating to the next class before the waitlist is processed. It is also a good practice to speak with the Teachers and Registrar as to the status of open spaces and waitlist.

Can I enroll/waitlist my child even if she/he is not quite 3 yet?

Yes, provided she/he turns 3 by the end of the calendar year of the September registration (e.g. children enrolling in the 2012-13 school year {September 2012 start} must turn 3 before January 1, 2013).

Also, for mid-year enrollments (in, or after January), a child must be 3 years old on or before March 31st of the same year, in order to enroll in a 3-yr-old class.

Can I enroll my child if he/she is not potty-trained?

No. BFLP is set up for potty-trained children only. We do not have diaper-changing tables or facilities.

How is BFLP’s school year divided?

We have 2 terms (Term 1: September-January, and Term 2: February-June). We follow the public school system’s dateline; we observe (and are closed during) winter and spring breaks, statutory holidays and summer vacations.

If our family needs to leave preschool for one month or longer, do we still need to pay the tuition?

Yes, if you wish BFLP to hold a spot for your child during her/his absence.

Please also consult with the volunteering coordinator if you need to reschedule your volunteering duties during your absence.

If you are on subsidy, extended leave may impact how much subsidy you will receive.

Do I need to submit a new registration package for the new school year, even if my child already attends the preschool?

Yes. There are 4 reasons for that.

  • Photos, cheques, a family’s volunteering choices, and even some of the registration details change annually.
  • Having up-to-date paper copies of all forms is required by the licencing office.
  • Being a parent-run preschool, we do not have the man-power (no hired clerical staff) who would be responsible for phoning the numerous families about any possible changes to the registration information and then collecting the remaining documents. Instead, we empower the families to provide us with the current information, all in one package.
  • This process has been the most efficient way of transferring the duties and paperwork from one volunteer registrar to the next as the board changes annually.


We’re moving. How much notice do I need to provide to withdraw my child?

BFLP requires 1 calendar month’s notice. The forms are located in the classroom; alternatively, you can email us at

We need to withdraw from the school late in the school year. Will we get all our remaining cheques back?

We are a non-profit society and we must ensure that all are expenses are paid, so we are unable to return tuition cheques if a student withdraws after the end of February.

To ensure your remaining Tuition cheques are returned, you must submit the BFLP withdrawal form and inform the registrar ( of your intent to withdraw by Feb 1st, and your child may continue attending the school for the month of February.

In this case, March, April and May tuition cheques would be returned since the last enrollment month (March) is paid in September.

Guarantee cheques (for meeting attendance and parent participation) and a fundraising refund cheque will also be provided. 


Do I need to volunteer at BFLP?

Yes. As a parent operated preschool, parents form the board of directors (elected during the Annual General Meeting every May) and volunteer in various roles (the roles are assigned by the Volunteering Coordinator based on the availability and choices selected by the parents on a form in the registration package). 


Why do I need to fundraise for BFLP?

In order to keep tuition fees affordable, BFLP families are required to participate in fundraising activities. 

How can I reach my fundraising quota? What fundraising options will there be during the school year?

BFLP offers a wide range of fundraising options: Gift cards (to Superstore, Save-on, Gas stations, etc.), Nos Chansons CD, T-shirts, Purdy’s chocolates, Spring and Summer raffles, and much more. Please check the fundraising section for more info and examples.


Why does the June tuition cheque need to be post-dated differently (for the 1st day of classes)?

BFLP requires that the last month cheque be dated for the first day of enrollment, as we use it as a guarantee for a proper withdrawal notice (1 month). Should the family need to or wish to withdraw at any point, given the proper notice, we refund the payment, by not cashing the cheque of the last enrollment month. If, on the other hand, a student continues till the end, the June tuition is simply paid for sooner.

Will my fundraising cheque be cashed even if I am short by only $2 in my fundraising effort?

All fundraising deposit cheques are deposited on the specified dates (one at beginning of the Term 1 in September and the second cheque at the beginning of Term 2 in February). At the end of the school year in June, BFLP issues you a refund cheque for the amount fundraised, up to the total you initially submitted (as of 2018/19 school year $200 for one child, $250 for two children).

If I enroll mid-year, will my Fundraising Deposit and Participation Deposit be adjusted accordingly?


Fundraising – $20/month for one child; $25/month for two children.

Participation – $150/term (per family).